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Our fiber optic connected Windows 2008 Servers
in Los Angeles will deliver your web content with reliability (approaching 100% up time, speedy performance (OC-3 fiber), and economy. You get weekly traffic reports, FTP uploading (FrontPage support is available), ASP scripting, ASP.NET, PHP 4.3 and more.

There are NO Setup Fees, or other up front charges (unless you need to register a new domain name). And there are no long term contracts to tie you down. If you need a domain name, the registration cost is as little as $15.50 for 1 year (including all registrar fees -  $19 for .org/net, $20 for .info/biz, $11.50 for .us).

We feel that you should only be charged for what you actually use each week, not for what you "might" use (as other hosts do). And your cost per unit of space, traffic, etc. is low. This way, you pay as little as possible for hosting, whether your site is small or large, popular or not. And you get exactly the services you require each week, because of our unique "get what you pay for" pricing.

First, we give you 4 free weeks of hosting with no setup fees (except for the optional domain registration), so that you can see for yourself how well your site can be hosted. We offer the free weeks, without obligation, because we feel that, once you give us a try, you'll want to remain a long-term customer, and refer others to our service. (If your site is set up early in the week - Sunday or Monday, the current week will be your first free week, otherwise it will be the following week). Once your free weeks are over, your account will be charged for the services you actually use, each week, for as long as you continue with us.

The more services you use, the more you save. To calculate the weekly hosting charge for each site, we take the total of all the charges for that week (see chart at right) and then deduct a percentage, depending on how large your total is, that week. Heavy users get up to 70% off. Try out our weekly cost calculator to see the discounts for different usage levels (note: domain registration fees aren't subject to the volume discounts).

Most sites pay only 84 cents per week (which is the minimum charge - equivalent to $3.65 per month) because we let you mix and match the exact selection of services you require for that minimum charge. If your site is somewhat heavy on disk space but very light on traffic, you might still pay only the minimum 84 cents a week (or just a little more).  A payment of just $39 will cover a year (not counting the 4 free weeks) if your site is one of the many that falls within the minimum charge level of usage.

Credit Cards accepted

When your Free weeks are over, you'll be asked to make a payment into your account, to cover your weekly charges (see the calculator). You can pay whenever necessary, as long as you keep your account balance replenished (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, check or money order accepted - even PayPal). If unsatisfied, you can cancel and get a full refund of your remaining account balance (less any prepayment bonuses, domain name, etc.) within 30 days of making your first payment. Sites using more than 2,000MB of traffic per week, initially, may be asked to start paying after 1 such week, with credit for the first 4 weeks given after 10 weeks of service has been paid for.

The Prepayment Bonus will save you even more. If you make a prepayment of $30 or more, you get an extra 1% bonus added to your account for every $3 prepaid - up to a maximum 50% bonus when you prepay $150 or more. This bonus is, in effect, like getting an additional 9-33% discount on all your weekly charges and costs.

Earn a $10 credit for each referral of a basic hosted (67 cent/week minimum) site, once the third party has paid $22 or more per referral, not counting domain name fees. Additional sites of your own don't earn a referral credit, but you do get the first 4 weeks at no cost. (An affiliate link program is coming soon). If the referred customer orders more basic hosted sites on their own, the referral credit is earned on each of them.

An Alias domain (an alternative name for a normal site on our system) incurs a special charge of only 5 cents per week ($0.22/month). Redirection to some external site is 10 cents per week ($0.43/mo). The 84 cent per week minimum doesn't apply to these (there are no reports or FTP features, of course), but the volume discount would apply if you add email accounts to them. Subdomains pointing to folders under a main site are 20 cents a week each (plus traffic and space used, as a result, at the primary site - with no separate reports). These prices are per domain (not to be added to charges for a primary site).

Free Parking is available if you want to just keep a domain available for future use (you get a static "coming soon" page until you switch to the regular plan). You can add email accounts to this (or a Pointer/Alias domain) at the normal weekly charge for the type of email account. Switch between plans as needed.

Our hosting services include free support by email or phone. You are responsible for creating your own web content, of course. If you require technical assistance with web page design, HTML, custom scripts, or the like, assistance is available at $1 per minute. A database DSN or custom DNS entries are $4 to set up. These fees aren't subject to the volume discount. Domains with no hosting associated with them are $11/year. We can also point you to resources, such as free web page editors, etc.

To get started, just enter your existing (or desired) domain name in the form near to top of this page. An existing domain will take about 2-3 days to get moved to our server. A new domain registration ($15.50 for 1 year for .com - non refundable) can be up in a day.



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"I've been messed around by a few 'web hosting' companies - the quality at the low-cost end of the market is generally very poor. I am happy to say that are the exception. The service is responsive, efficient and friendly. I am pleased to recommend your services."

- John Carver



Phone 1-310-403-5007

9AM-10PM pacific time


Weekly Service Charges
(before any volume discount)
$0.005 per MB of Disk Space
$0.005 per MB of Traffic (outgoing)
$0.10 per Email ID
$0.10 for Content Indexing (+ space)
$0.10 for Mailing list/100 members
$0.20 for Perl/CGI (per 1,000 hits)
$0.20 for SSL access (shared)
$0.10 for FrontPage
You can use our calculator to determine the exact weekly charges for various combinations of services. Charges are calculated separately for each site.
Example Weekly Costs

A bigger than usual site might use the following services:

80 MB Disk Space (40 cents)
40 MB Outgoing Traffic (20 cents)

3 Email accounts (30 cents))

The total, in this case, is $0.90, which earns a 18% volume discount, reducing the charge to just $0.74 for the week ($3.20/month). More than half the sites we host never exceed the $0.67 per week minimum charge, and the vast majority never go over $1.50 per week ($6.50 a month) after the discount. A heavily visited 200 MB site with 4 POP email accounts, generating 500MB of traffic (over 10,000 web pages served in a week) would have total charges of $3.90, minus a 57% volume discount, for a final cost of just $1.69 for the week (equivalent to $7.33/mo.). Your prepayment bonus, if any, would further reduce your costs up to 33% (see paragraph at left).

You can use our calculator to figure the exact cost of various usage levels.






    First step:  

 Enter your existing or desired  
 domain name (without the www) here: 



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